The following applies to all shipments:

1. The sender must pack each item tightly sealed in sturdy boxes and provide the following information:
– name and telephone number. from the recipien
– the name of the sender

2. Items that do not fit in a box: package tightly and provide the above information (see point 1).

3. You can simply register bicycles via the registration form. Remember to include the disassemble pedals (attach to the bicycle loosely in a bag) and turn the handlebar a quarter turn. The above information (see point 1) must be attached to the bicycle. We charge 35 euros.

4. You are not allowed to wrap plastic around the boxes, this is prohibited in The Gambia.

5. The foundation packs the container at its own discretion.

6. The foundation reserves the right, if there is specific reason to do so, to check the contents of the packages.

7. The invoice sent must be credited to the bank account of Stichting Goods for Gambia within 5 days of the date.

8. Our contact persons in The Gambia contact the addressees by telephone to make an appointment to collect the goods.

9. We have our own (closed) site in Gambia, but we would appreciate it if the recipients collect the goods as soon as possible.

10. The sender must inform the recipient about the identification obligation and sign off for receipt when leaving the site. We cannot pass on the goods without identification. (Identification can be done by means of id-card / working card / telephone number.)

11. The receivers can collect the goods with a maximum of 2 people due to the busyness in the warehouse.

12. If the recipient has not collected the goods (without notice) after 6 months, the Goods for Gambia Foundation reserves the right to donate these goods to a good cause.

13. If you want to insure your goods, you must take care of this yourself.

14. Shipping is at your own risk Foundation Goods for Gambia is not responsible for any damage or loss.

15. Alcohol, registred medicines, drugs, fire arms and ammunition can’t be send this way to Gambia. If you do send it, all resulting costs are for the sender of these packages.

16. By sending the goods you indicate that you have taken note of the above and agree to this.

For questions you can contact via:
Telephone number 0528 – 820 301 or send your question by email to: