Uw hulp wordt gevraagd bij onderstaand project. Stichting Goods for Gambia ondersteunt meerdere projecten op het gebied van Education en Health care. Dit mooie project kwam op ons pad en wij hopen dat wij samen met u de benodigde professionele apparatuur aan kunnen schaffen zodat Marie zo spoedig mogelijk haar clinic kan openen. U kunt Marie steunen door op het aanmeldingsformulier uw donatie te vermelden of uw bijdrage over te maken op onderstaand bankrekening nr onder vermelding van de naam van het project.


Kharis Reproductive and Child Health Clinic is an initiative born out of the desire to see Gambian Women experience pregnancy and childbirth in an atmosphere of love and safety. Thus, contributing to the reduction of maternal and infant mortality and morbidity in The Gambia. The frequent news of women dying during labour is troubling, and Kharis Clinic will ensure a quick change.

The clinic activities are due to commence in February 2022, in Farato village Westcoast Region The Gambia. Faroto village is a heavily populated community; it recorded a little over 300% population growth from 2003 to 2013 National census data. Yet there isn’t a well-equipped health facility in the village. Women in this village and its surrounding villages travel either to Brikama District hospital (2-3 kilometres) or other facilities outside the Westcoast region while pregnant or breastfeeding or in emergencies. This challenge results to delay in accessing healthcare services, thus, increasing the risk of complications to both the woman and her child. Additionally, travelling long distances increases the economic burden on families.

Therefore, starting the clinic will add value to the lives of women and children in Farato and its surrounding villages. The clinic will reduce the burden on the only District Hospital in the west coast region.

The plan is to employ about ten staff at the start and increase as the clinic grows and expands based on demand.

The following services will be offered at Kharis Reproductive and Child Health clinic:

  1. Antenatal care
  2. Postnatal Care
  3. Immunization
  4. Family Planning
  5. Counselling and HIV/AIDS care
  6. Laboratory Tests
  7. Sonography
  8. Pharmacy
  9. Community sensitization and health screening (Diabetes and Hypertension)

Marie Gomez: Founder/CEO Kharis Reproductive and Child Health Clinic

Senior Registered Nurse-Midwife and Head of RCH BMCHH & Diabetes Expert Trainer Founder/CEO Kharis Reproductive and Child Health Clinic

U kunt uw bijdrage doneren via het aanmeldingsformulier als u pakketten aanmeld, of uw bijdrage storten op onderstaande rekening onder vermelding van:


NL60 INGB 0006 6352 92

Wij zorgen ervoor dat uw donatie bij Marie Gomez terecht komt. Nogmaals hartelijk dank voor uw hulp!